A Natural Connection

A Natural Connection

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Humankind has an innate instinct to connect with nature and the natural world around us, whilst the modern world calls this connection ‘Biophilia’, we recognise that it is due to the very essence of man’s DNA, made of the earth, to steward the creation that God himself provided for us. The world tends to separate God and nature. Creation and science are not opposites, they are not at odds with each other.

For years we have been aware that being outdoors has a massive impact on our health. Since the dawn of time, humans have lived and worked ‘outdoors’ in harmony with creation. Our ancestors utilised the many gifts that nature gives us, and we knew our place in the world. We saw ourselves as being a part of the natural world, our God given role of stewardship was to look after creation, working with it and utilising the resources it provides.

It has only been from the industrial revolution that there has been a separation from work and home life, before that, our working life was at home in order to live; and this separation has taken us away from our natural habitat and indoors. It is now accepted that we spend more of our time indoors, with modern conveniences, with everything we could ever want instantly available to us. Our numbers may have increased but so has our loneliness, we lock ourselves in our houses and do not rely on friends and neighbours the way our ancestors did. The more advanced society has gotten, the more conveniences we have, and the easier life has got for us, the more our mental and physical health seems to decline.

In order to improve our health, we need to take an all inclusive approach and look at improving our living conditions, our lifestyle choices as well as our consumption, including what we consume with our eyes and ears, but most importantly, we need to add some of Gods wonder back into our lives.

"This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes" Psalm 118:23

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