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Glorifying God in Creation

Hebron Outdoor Ministries is a Christian outreach based in Northern Ireland that seeks to reconnect people with God through His creation.
At Hebron, we worship G... Read more

Hebron Creative

Creativity is a God given gift. When we see the beauty around us it is hard not to want to create a beauty of our own. We are passionate about encouraging your ... Read more

Hebron Bushcraft

Bushcraft is a medium we use to not only understand the created world better, but to enjoy it. Bushcraft is an umbrella term for all things outdoors, including ... Read more



'Yesterday's workshop was truly amazing!! Lisa @ Hebronoutdoors blew our minds with her knowledge of plants, natural dyes, botanical inks and so much more! Our watercolour painting was done with only 3 colours that we grind and mixed ourselves.'


'We painted foxes using natural, handmade watercolours. Lisa from Hebron Outdoor Ministries has blown me away with her knowledge. I am craving more.'